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Open every evening 5pm - 10 pm for restaurant and takeaway. Please phone your orders through from 5pm for Click & Collect or delivery.

Our takeaway menu

We offer a very varied selection of Indian cuisine for takeaway. Orders of £20 or more can be delivered free in the Seaford and Bishopstone areas.

If you are collecting your takeaway, we offer a 10% discount on orders of £15 or more.

All major credit cards are accepted

Open every Bank Holiday.

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Mixed Platter £8.95
Tandoori Chicken (quarter) £4.95
Salmon Tikka £7.25
Chicken Tikka £4.95
Lamb Tikka £5.55
Chicken Tikka Puree £6.25
Lamb Tikka Puree £7.25
King Prawn Tikka £7.55
King Prawn Puree £6.95
King Prawn Butterfly £6.25
Prawn Puree £6.25
Chana or Vegetable Puree £4.95
Onion Bhajee £4.95
Samosa (meat) £5.10
Samosa (vegetable) £4.95
Sheek Kebab £6.95
Chicken Chat £5.55
Garlic Mushrooms £4.95
Tandoori Dishes

Marinated in olive oil and yogurt sauce with selected exotic herbs, cooked in a clay oven and served with fresh seasonal salad on a sizzler

Tandoori Chicken (half) £9.95
Chicken Tikka £9.95
Lamb Tikka £10.95
Tandoori King Prawn £15.95
King Prawn Shashlic £16.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill (with nan) £13.95
Chicken Shashlic £10.95
Panir Tikka (cheese) £8.95
Salmon Tikka £15.95
Balti Dishes

Served with nan

Chicken Tikka £10.95
Lamb Tikka £12.95
Prawn £10.95
King Prawn £15.95
Mixed Vegetable £7.95
Chicken and Prawn £11.95
Chef’s Special £13.95
Pathia Dishes

Cooked with onions and tomatoes in a thick sauce, sweet and sour, a little hot. Served with pilau rice

Chicken £9.95
Lamb £12.95
Prawn £10.95
King Prawn £14.95
Chicken Tikka £10.95
Chicken and Prawn £11.95
Mixed Vegetable £8.95
Dansak Dishes

Very tasty Persian dishes cooked with lentils in a thick sauce, sweet and sour. Served with pilau rice.

Chicken £9.95
Lamb £12.95
Prawn £10.95
King Prawn £14.95
Chicken Tikka £10.95
Chicken and Prawn £11.95
Mixed Vegetable £8.95
Biriany Dishes

Biriany dishes are prepared with basmati rice fried with chicken, meat or prawns, etc (not hot). Served with Vegetable Curry.

Chef’s Special £12.95
Chicken £9.95
Lamb £10.95
Prawn £10.95
King Prawn £14.95
Chicken Tikka £10.25
Chicken and Prawn £11.95
Mixed Vegetable £8.95
Bengal Palace Chef’s Specials

Chef’s specials are all served with pilau rice

Chicken Tikka Masala £12.95
Tandoori Chicken Masala £12.95
Chicken Tikka Chilli Masala £12.95
Chicken Tikka Khandani £12.95
Chicken Tikka Garlic £12.95
Chicken Tikka Pasanda £12.95
Chicken Tikka Karahi £12.95
Chicken Tikka Jalfry £12.95
Chicken Tikka Kaliya £12.95
Butter Tikka Chicken £12.95
Lamb Tikka Masala £14.95
Lamb Tikka Chilli Masala £14.95
Lamb Tikka Khandani £14.95
Lamb Tikka Garlic £14.95
Lamb Tikka Pasanda £14.95
Lamb Tikka Karahi £14.95
Lamb Tikka Jalfry £14.95
Lamb Tikka Kaliya £14.95
Lamb Chop Bhuna £15.95
Tandoori King Prawn Masala £15.95
King Prawn Garlic £15.95
King Prawn Pasanda £15.95
King Prawn Karahi £15.95
King Prawn Jalfry £15.95
Salmon Dupiaza £15.95
Salmon Bhuna £15.95
Salmon Masala £15.95
Salmon Jalfry £15.95
Vegetable Masala £8.95
Panir Masala (Cheese) £9.95
Bengal Classic Favourites

Choose a classic favourite cooked in one of our eleven authentic recipes below

Chicken £6.95
Lamb £7.95
Prawn £7.95
King Prawn £12.95
Chicken Tikka £7.95
Lamb Tikka £8.95
Chicken and Prawn £8.95
Mixed Vegetable £6.50
Kurma Dishes
Cooked with mild spices, blended with coconut and fresh cream in a thick sauce
Curry Dishes
Cooked with a medium sauce
Madras Dishes
Cooked with a fairly hot sauce
Vindaloo Dishes
Cooked with potatoes in a very hot sauce
Ceylon Dishes
Fairly hot with coconut
Bhuna Dishes
Cooked with special spices and herbs with tomato and capsicum in a medium thick sauce
Rogan Dishes
Cooked with special spices and herbs in a medium thick sauce, dressed with fried tomatoes, capsicum and onions
Dupiaza Dishes
Cooked with lots of diced onions, spices and herbs in a medium thick sauce
Malaya Dishes
An aromatic dish cooked with pineapple. A fairly mild dish
Kashmiri Dishes
An aromatic dish cooked with lychees and bananas. A fairly mild dish
Sag Dishes
Cooked with spinach
Vegetable Side Dishes
Vegetable Curry £3.95
Dry Vegetables £3.95
Mushroom Bhajee £3.95
Cauliflower Bhajee £3.95
Bhindi Bhajee (okra) £3.95
Brinjal Bhajee (aubergine) £3.95
Bombay Potato (fairly hot) £3.95
Dal Masala (thick and spicy) £3.95
Dal Tarka (with lots of garlic) £3.95
Sag Bhajee (spinach) £3.95
Sag Aloo (spinach and potato) £4.25
Aloo Gobi (cauliflower and potato) £4.25
Mutor Panir (chickpeas and cheese) £4.25
Sag Panir (spinach and cheese) £4.25
Onion Bhajee (side dish) £3.55
Pilau Rice (basmati) £2.95
Plain Rice (patna) £2.85
Garlic Rice £3.25
Fried Rice (with egg and onion) £3.25
Keema Rice (with mincemeat) £4.95
Mushroom Rice £3.25
Papadum £1.00
Masala Papadum £1.25
Mango, onion or mixed pickle £1.50
Tandoori Bread freshly baked
Plain Nan £2.95
Stuffed Nan (with vegetables) £3.25
Peshwari Nan (with raisins) £3.25
Garlic Nan £3.25
Chilli Nan £3.25
Cheese Nan £3.25
Keema Nan (with spiced mincemeat) £3.95
Roti £2.95
Paratha £2.95
Stuffed Paratha (with vegetables) £3.25
Chapati (unleavened bread) £1.75
  • Lovely food, good service and friendly staff. What more could you ask for?
    Pete, 16 September 2017
  • The staff were very friendly and the service was excellent. I would strongly recommend the Bengal Palace, you won't be disappointed.
    Gerry, Eastbourne, 7 November 2017
  • What I really like, and which is so commendable for a restaurant in a small provincial town, is the variety and number of speciality dishes and the fact that so many are unusual and not the usual Indian fayre.
    R Williams, 11 August 2017
  • The food is fabulous, and the staff are friendly.
    Dave, 11 July 2017
  • Very impressed with the freshness of the amazing sources used and the veggie opportunities on the menu will be returning soon.
    Siljm, 3 May 2017
  • Been here numerous times,very tasty food,my local Indian,I just live round the corner from this place,great place,go try it,you'll love it.
    Mehk, 8 March 2017
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